Elisabet, Lena, Tobias, Kerstin, Besa, Rikard, Anki
2013, site-specific sound piece (7 audio tracks, c. 13', mp3 player and headphones, version in English and Swedish)

This sound work follows a similar structure to that of the sound work Jeanne. At the reception desk, one of the librarians gives the viewer a set of headphones and an mp3 player and directs him to a spot in the library where he is to begin listening to the audio. The viewer then hears the voice of that very librarian narrating a story which takes place inside the library, whilst a second voice gives camera directions, directing the viewers' movements and gaze through different spaces within the library, and finally face to face with the librarian at the reception desk, where the piece ends.

Elisabet, Lena, Tobias, Kerstin, Besa, Rikard, Anki was commissioned by Public Art Agency Sweden for the National Theatre and Music Library in Stockholm. It consists of 7 sound versions of the same script, each narrated by one of the librarians and a professional actor.

The audio tracks include an original soundtrack by Carlos Vázquez López, as well as a song taken from the library's Folk Music Archive.